Sum-of-the-Parts (“SOTP”)

The latest SOTP calculation set out below includes exchange-listed share prices which are updated to reflect 15-minute delayed share price information, while all other information was updated at the last reporting period, unless we have reported additional information to the market.

Feb-17Feb-18Feb-19Feb-20Feb-2117 Jan 2022
Asset/Liability Rm Rm Rm Rm Rm Shares
Share price (R) Value
% of total
Capitec*25,727 29,54046,35146,1302,190
Curro* (incl. Stadio until unbundling in Oct 2017)11,180 7,987 5,714 2,604 3,588 358.8 12.47 4,474 17%
PSG Konsult*6,084 7,048 8,700 6,399 7,282 810.1 14.00 11,34144%
Zeder*5,398 4,8233,166 3,173 1.983 748.4 3.27 2,447 9%
PSG Alpha 1,909 5,2014,7123,618 3,842  4,379 17%
4899501,075 1,1301,126220.84.871,0754%
Evergreen^ Evergreen
Stadio* Stadio
2,4271,277 662865363.63.50 1,2735%
Optimi^ Optimi
331 350447 3052964712%
Energy Partners^Energy Partners
468 500572 1183053431%
Other investments^Other investments
621 680599 4994463791%
Less: minority shareholding held by PSG Alpha management(106) (90) (71)(65) (77) 0%
Dipeo^812535   0%
Other net assets3,5862,6031,702 8792,020  3,366 13%
Cash^^1,5131,0003231871,646  2,647 10%
Pref investments and loans receivable^^2,0021,5581,297542733  8873%
PSG Corporate^      
Other^^+714582150(359)  (168) (0%)
Total assets 54,696 57,737 70,345 62,803 20,905   26,007 100%
Perpetual pref funding*++ (1,350) (1,278) (1,367) (1,463) (1,132) 
Other debt^^ (949) (949) (1,020) (1,020)    
Total SOTP value 52,397 55,510 67,958 60,320 19,773    26,007  
Shares in issue (net of treasury shares) (m) 217.5 217.5 218.2 218.2 209.8    209.4  
SOTP value per share (R)+++ 240.87 255.17 311.45 276.43 94.24    124.22  
PSG Group share price (R)*+++ 251.43 217.50 259.78 186.60 66.51    86.75

* Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, ** Listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange, ^ Internal valuation, ^^ Carrying value

+ The 28 Feb 2021 and latest balances include a capital gains tax provision/liability in respect of the Capitec shares held/sold.

++ Repurchased in full on 10 Aug 2021.

+++ Amounts up to and including 29 Feb 2020 include the Capitec interest that was unbundled during the year ended 28 Feb 2021.

  PSG Group share price vs SOTP value per share

Accuracy of data disclaimer

Although the contents of the SOTP calculation have been compiled with considerable care, it may not be accurate or complete and may also include technical errors from time to time which are beyond our control due to share price information contained in the SOTP calculation having been received from third-party service providers. The SOTP calculation is indicative of the value of PSG Group Limited’s underlying portfolio of net assets. It does not take into account factors such as size of shareholdings, liquidity of the underlying assets, tax on the potential disposal of underlying assets (apart from capital gains tax which has been provided for in respect of the Capitec shares disposed of), head office operating profit/loss and other factors which may have an impact on the comparability of the latest SOTP calculation with the ruling PSG Group Limited share price.

 It is designed to continuously assist shareholders and/or investors with the SOTP calculation and is not intended to be used for quick investment decisions, as it would lag the exchange trading platforms by at least 15 minutes.

PSG Group Limited does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the SOTP calculation and accordingly disclaims all liability for any loss, damages (whether direct or consequential) or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered as a result of or may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to the use of or reliance upon any information contained herein. It is the sole responsibility of the shareholder and/or investor to verify the accuracy of the information contained in this SOTP calculation and to form his/her own view as to the value of PSG Group Limited shares.

Financial advisor disclaimer

The information provided and included in the SOTP calculation is for general information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell any securities or investment advice relating to securities or a representation that the security is a suitable or appropriate investment for any person. You are advised to give independent consideration to this information and to obtain investment advice from your independent financial advisor.