PSG Group was founded in November 1995 by Jannie Mouton and Chris Otto, with a dream of building a financial services conglomerate. They progressed well through undertaking various highly innovative transactions, always with the primary aim to create shareholder value. In the early 2000’s, PSG Group’s model changed to more closely resemble that of an investment holding company.

Over the years, PSG Group has contributed to building great businesses such as Capitec (read more), PSG Konsult (read more), Curro (read more), and many others, and has assisted them to grow by providing capital and strategic input.

During August 2020, PSG Group unbundled an effective 26.4% interest in Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”)-listed Capitec (read more), as detailed in the relevant circular (read more).

During September 2022, PSG Group restructured by way of the following indivisible transactions, as detailed in the relevant circular (read more):

  • PSG Group unbundled JSE-listed shareholdings in PSG Konsult (61.1%) (read more), Curro (63.6%) (read more), Kaap Agri (since renamed to KAL Group) (34.7%) (read more), CA&S (47%) (read more) and Stadio (25.2%) (read more);

  • PSG Group repurchased all shares from exiting shareholders (being all PSG Group shareholders other than predominantly the founders, management and their immediate family members) for a cash consideration of R23.00 per share; and

  • Thereafter, PSG Group delisted from the JSE.

As an unlisted investment holding company, PSG Group continues to “serve as incubator to identify and help build the businesses of tomorrow” with the aim of providing its shareholders with superior returns.