PSG Group’s investment portfolio includes the following companies:


Shareholding: 20%

Stadio is building a credible private university business for 100,000+ on-campus and off-campus students in time (~85% off-campus and ~15% on-campus). The group consists of three separately registered private higher education institutions, namely Stadio, Milpark Education and AFDA.

Stadio is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) and more information is available at


Shareholding: 54%

Energy Partners is a private energy utility serving the Commercial & Industrial sector with power, refrigeration and heating solutions, as well as ESG-related services and advice.

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Shareholding: 48%

Evergreen develops, owns and operates retirement lifestyle villages on a life-right model. Although this model is well established in other parts of the world, especially in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, it is still a fairly new concept in South Africa.

Evergreen provides its residents with significant benefits, the most important being peace of mind from both a financial security as well as a healthcare perspective. It offers i) state-of-the-art lifestyle centres, typically including a bistro, lounge, salon, bar, library, gym, games room and entertainment area; ii) health and frail care; iii) excellent security; and iv) a sense of community among fellow retirees.

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Shareholding via ThembiSA Private Equity Fund ( 25%

Rubicon is an importer and distributor of predominantly renewable-energy products to the residential, commercial, industrial and utility sectors. It differentiates itself via value-added technology and systems for use by its customers.

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Shareholding: 96%

Optimi provides accessible learning and support to learners and facilitators using technology and centralised assistance to reduce the cost of and improve the quality of education. Services are rendered to the following distinct segments – i) Home (home and supplementary education); ii) Classroom (classroom and extra-class teaching and learning solutions); iii) Workplace (workplace and community education and training); and iv) College (accredited qualifications and short courses).

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Shareholding: 73%

Carter is using innovative technology and processes to significantly improve the complex customer experience associated with buying and owning a car.

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Other investments


Investment Description Shareholding For more information refer to:
Zeder JSE-listed investment holding company focused on agri businesses 49%
PSG Capital Corporate finance 100%
ProVest Diversified mining services 42%
SNC Nanofibre production 35%
Spirit Capital Investment holding company focused on leveraged transactions 49%
Alveo Water (held via ThembiSA Private Equity Fund) Water and wastewater treatment solutions 38%